Why Come to Carver?

WaterTowerThe City of Carver is a community with an abundant history and a future full of promise. Carver is nestled along the banks of the Minnesota River, providing picturesque views from bluff formations throughout the city.

Coupled with its natural setting, the numerous parks, trails and convenient access to the US Fish & Wildlife’s Rapids Lake Education and Visitor Center make Carver a destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Carver’s history dates back to its establishment as the last point along the Minnesota River for steamboat travel during the 1800’s. Preserved and valued by community members, Historic Downtown Carver now makes up one of the largest historic districts on the National Register.

Now with the recent expansion of the 212 freeway system to Carver; a future full of new housing choices and business opportunities are on the horizon.

Carver Sign

The natural setting, well preserved history and exciting growth
potential make the City of Carver a truly unique community.

Carver is also host to numerous activities such as:

We are a growing community with incredible potential along the Highway 212 corridor that will develop over the next several years. This is an exciting time to be part of Carver’s history!

For more information on Carver – please visit the City of Carver website

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